gallery - panucci

Nestled in a large lot in Mink Shoals, WV, this cedar and stone home is wrapped around a car court, with a three car garage beyond the front porch. The entry porch attempts to scale down the large central hall of the home to a friendly entry.Remember the tall skylit center form as you will see the interior effect of this in later slides. Entering the foyer, you are greeted by a custom curved stair which draws you eye up to more visual treats. The great room lays beyond the balcony. Looking back at the foyer from the great room you can see the that we integrated many custom touches and commissioned some great art work to feature in the house. Our shop made the armoire and front doors, with art glass commissioned from Martina Huson of Charleston. The curved stair was a collaboration of our shop, sculptor Bill Hopen and artist / blacksmith Jeff Fetty. This close up of the stair railing shows Fetty's great rendering of nature in forged iron. This balustrade looks like it was frozen in iron directly from the woods. The handrail is curly maple attached to both sides of the curved steel handrail, like a knife handle. Sculptor Bill Hopen created these cast bronze tread supports. Using lost wax casting, he made 14 individual pieces which give a wonderful wave effect as you walk down the stairs. More shots of the incredible detail and character of the railings. The steel was given a patina to soften the look. Each piece of the balustrade is a worthy sculpture. Glen Kopelov was our stone mason on this project and his massive two story chimney featured a handcut arch over the fireplace. The timber trusses hold the hip roof above. If you look straight up in the middle of the great room you can see four skylights in the tallest roof, allowing light to stream down into the room from all angles all day. The "necklace" is forged iron and is structural, offering tension rods for the main hip roof. The bronze sun looking down from above decorates the center. A close up of the sun looking down on the great room from its skylit perch. Directly below the sun, squarely in the center of the square great room, is an inlaid bronze moon inside a bookmatched crotch white oak panel. The white oak floor is laid in concentric squares from this center element. A view from the pantry back outward to the kitchen and breakfast nook beyond. The skylit roof pours daylight into the kitchen and the loft exercise and home office areas above. The master bedroom features a double Jacuzzi and a Kohler Body Spa with 10 water jets and a great waterfall feature.