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One of our early projects. As with many of our clients, we have design & built their place of business as well as their house. Jurgen and Gina Lorenzen run one of the premier photo studios in WV. Located on approx. an acre and a half with their house and a “portrait park.” This two story structure has sales and photo shooting camera room on this main floor and a full lab below in a walk out basement. An early exploration of contrasting woods, walnut, maple, birch, curly maple and poplar all found a use in this reception room. We also played with half round inlays which we called “wood neon.” Half the upstairs of this building is a shooting studio. Designed with flexibility in mind, Jurgen has created almost any environment you can think of in this versatile space. Downstairs in the lab, everything was done as cost efficiently as possible since it was a work space and not one the clients would ever see. Solid, long lasting and functional were the guiding principles.